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The legend rides again!

Indulge me for a minute. I'm gonna start with the nostalgic backstory...

When I was a kid I can vividly remember the first time I saw the cartoon of the Headless Horseman. Ya know, the one with Ichabod Crane and all that. (I'm sure you've seen it too.)

It was a pretty freaky thing to watch as a little kid...but I really loved it! 

As a cigar-maker, I've always thought it would be the perfect "Fall Blend" to do a cigar project named HEADLESS HORSEMAN! Last year was the inaugural release...and everyone absolutely loved it!

So, after months of intensive blending--with some of the most tremendous and luxurious tobaccos that God ever made--HEADLESS HORSEMAN 2021 Ltd. is finally ready for you to devour

(Because you know us...we have to make the next cigar even better than the last one!)

HEADLESS HORSEMAN 2021 Ltd. has all the delicious flavors of Autumn! Spice, sweet, leather, wood, cream...But it's also very macabre and mysterious! (It’s one of our absolute most favorite seasonal cigars! Just wait ‘til you smoke it!)

The flavors are bold and very complex. The body is strong yet ultra-smooth!

HEADLESS HORSEMAN 2021 Ltd. is a 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is a flawless Corojo 99 rosado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret.  

Full-bodied, Med-strength. Tobaccos aged b/n 5-12 years! 

1st 3rd: Candied walnuts, nutmeg, clove, tanned leather, white chocolate, dry champagne, whiskey barrel, vanilla beans, fresh-roasted coffee, buttercream

2nd 3rd: Caramel, pie crust, light brown sugar, all-spice, maple syrup, white pepper, cinnamon stick, graham cracker

3rd 3rd: Kettle corn, chocolate mocha latte, red pepper flakes, Spanish cedar, whipped cream, red oak wood, dark rum

HEADLESS HORSEMAN 2021 Ltd. is phenomenal! So unique and with such nuance and complexity! It's just INCREDIBLE!

HEADLESS HORSEMAN 2021 Ltd. will be SOLD OUT really fast! Our sincerest apologies to those who miss it! Make sure you join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-242-4777...that way you'll never miss a new release!

Getcha Some NOW!

Total HEADLESS HORSEMAN 2021 Ltd. Production: 610