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Everywhere we go people are always asking us...”Hey, when you’re not smoking your own cigars...which cigars do you smoke?”

And we always answer, “We smoke the cigars that our friends make, of course!”

There are so many amazing boutique cigar makers out there doing some phenomenal things with tobaccos and blending techniques. We are truly in a renaissance of cigar making!

We thought it would be cool to give you a peek inside of our personal humidors every month and let you in on what we’re smoking.

Now here’s the deal...some months might feature more Nomad small-batch (depending on availability). Some months might feature an extra cigar from another brand. Heck...some month’s might feature 6 or 7 cigars. Who knows?

It all depends on what we’re smoking that month. (Maybe there’s some new releases that drop, maybe there’s some pre-releases that another company wants our feedback on. Maybe it’s a new experimental blend we just created. Again, who knows.)

For example...maybe your NOMAD & FRIENDS shipment has a Nomad Game Over, Nomad Fin De Los Mundos, Dunbarton Unstolen Valor, VIAJE Zombie, and a Southern Draw Exclusive.

Or maybe (2nd example) you get a NOMAD Dark Chocolate Truffle, NOMAD Suns Out-Guns Out, Rojas KSG, Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown, and Aganorsa Casa Fernandez Anniversario.

Or maybe (3rd example) you get a NOMAD Texas Handsaw Massacre, a NOMAD Martial Law, Tatuaje El Triunfador, Warped Flor De Valle, and Illusione Epernay. 

And just for S&Gs... maybe you get a extra BLK WKS Killer Bee SWARM, CFT Jailbait, Foundation The Tabernacle, Hirochi Robaina Signature, Chick Magnet, Dissident HOME, Cavalier Geneve, or a NOMAD Chocolate Cream Pie.

Make sense?

So, that’s kind of the deal. Nothing like this NOMAD & FRIENDS CLUB has never been tried before. We’re not trying to grow this thing huge or anything...because frankly we don’t have enough cigars to support it! (Everything is just too damn limited!)

This is for the true boutique cigar nerd (like us!), who wants to go behind the curtain and smoke what we’re personally smoking.

Understand...this is a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION you are joining. Don’t be a jerk and sign-up and then immediately cancel. That jacks a spot from someone who genuinely wants to join for the right reasons and/or otherwise delays them from securing their spot in the NOMAD & FRIENDS CLUB.

Now for the BAD NEWS...we’re probably gonna have to limit this to about 25 or so people because we just can’t handle more than that. We’ll probably have a waiting list after that. But we’ll just have to play it by ear. 

So yeah, this should be freakin’ fun! Join up NOW!