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Suns Out, Guns Out Suns Out, Guns Out Suns Out, Guns Out

Suns Out, Guns Out

Suns Out, Guns Out



A panda bear with guns?

We anticipate several reactions from the people....

     ...dang they're already sold out!

          ...when will these guys ever take their cigar-making seriously?

               ...I can't wait to post on Facebook with a "right to bear arms" joke.

We think it's the perfect mascot for this blend: It's cute and cuddly but still packs enough firepower to let you know who's boss.

So that's who you're dealing with. 

Suns Out, Guns Out is a 5.55x51 short-toro. Tobaccos are from Nica, Peru, Asia. Wrapper is natural San Andres. (oh hell yes we did.)

Full-bodied. Med/Full strength. Tobaccos are b/n 4-10 years aged.

1st 3rd: Sweet tea, creme brûlée (the top part), vanilla latte, white oak, cashew, salted caramel, amaretto

2nd 3rd: Buttercream, leather, white pepper, cinnamon stick, yellow cake, scotch whiskey  *age of the tobaccos really begins to be tasted

3rd 3rd: Milk chocolate, ancho chili, mesquite, espresso con panna, black walnut, Caribbean rum

Recommended pairings: Kung Fu Panda trilogy or Dude Perfect videos

Total Suns Out, Guns Out Production: 400