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“We’re sending you back to 1985!”

Whenever any of the Back to the Future movies came on TV...I immediately canceled whatever I was doing to watch them. (I’m old. I was a kid way back before DVRs and On Demand streaming movies.)

The name, FLUX CAPACITOR, is fitting because the tobacco used in this blend is literally from a bygone era. This stuff is so aged and so vintage...that it’s literally like being transported back in time when you smoke it. 

I know we used A LOT of vintage tobaccos...but this stuff is EXTRA VINTAGE!

BUT—We took the FLUX CAPACITOR blend to a whole other level of reality. (Ya know, like when you travel back to your own year but it’s been corrupted by the bad guy—And he’s married to your mom and owns the whole town—And you have to save the day! It’s kinda like that but in a good way! Lol)

In all seriousness…FLUX CAPACITOR 1985 ALTERNATE REALITY is a maduro-lovers dream come true!

It is EXTREMELY DEEP and EXTRAORDINARILY RICH! The flavors are absolutely going to astound you! The extra aging brings out flavors and complexities that you just can’t get except by aging tobaccos for years and years!

ONLY PROBLEM IS…We only had enough of this extremly aged tobacco to make a micro-batch of 290 cigars! So these are as limited as limited gets!

FLUX CAPACITOR 1985 ALTERNATE REALITY is a 6.25x44 skinny super-toro. Wrapper is an ultra-chocolatey 9-year-aged Broadleaf maduro. Fillers will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied. Med/Full-strength. Tobaccos are all aged b/n 8-14 years! 

1st 3rd: Chocolate truffles, aged leather, creamed honey, black espresso, nutmeg, sweet black tea, hickory wood, black pepper...

2nd 3rd: White chocolate, dark beer, cinnamon stick, light brown sugar, cardamom, licorice, all-spice, salted caramel...

3rd 3rd: Dark chocolate, red pepper, clove, maple wood, toasted marshmallows, dried fruit, cake frosting...

FLUX CAPACITOR 1985 ALTERNATE REALITY is a cigar to absolutely cherish! We only wish we could have made more of these. This tobacco is EXTREMELY old, rare, and limited!

FLUX CAPACITOR 1985 ALTERNATE REALITY will be SOLD OUT extremely fast! Sincerest apologies to those who miss it! Be sure to join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-391-9271...that way you'll never miss a new release!

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