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Things are about to get FREAKY!

Behind-The-Scenes Info...Sometimes we blend with a specific goal in mind for a project...and sometimes we just let the tobaccos take us where they want to go. 

FREAKSHOW is one of those projects where the tobaccos took us on a crazy journey! No rules. No “best-practices”. No limits! Just the various exotic tobaccos adding their particular genius to the mix. 

The final result (that you’ll get to smoke!) freakin’ blew us away!

FREAKSHOW is an anomaly. An enigma. A mystery. A cigar like you’ve never smoked before. Oh’s got all the phenomenal flavors that you love—lots of cream, chocolate, caramel, and spice. But they are just insanely intense, complex, and deep!

FREAKSHOW was originally scheduled to be a full Ezra Zion release...but we only had enough tobacco to make a micro-batch of 380 cigars!

FREAKSHOW is a 6.5x46 corona gorda. Wrapper is an oily Corojo 99 rosado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied. Med/Full-strength. All tobaccos aged b/n 8-12 years!

1st 3rd: Brown sugar, milk chocolate, heavy whipping cream, Almond Roca, raw cane sugar, white peppercorn, cedarwood...

2nd 3rd: Caramel, roasted coffee beans, chocolate chips, cinnamon stick, bourbon whiskey, white pepper, clove, custard...

3rd 3rd: Chocolate porter, marshmallow, toffee, smooth dark chocolate, vanilla bean, rum barrel, nutmeg, toasted almond, buttercream frosting

FREAKSHOW is one of the most spectacular cigars we’ve ever blended! The decadence and depth of flavor are going to astound you! You're gonna absolutely love it!

FREAKSHOW will be SOLD OUT really fast! Our sincerest apologies to those who miss it! Make sure you join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 31996...that way you'll never miss a new release!

Getcha Some NOW!

Total FREAKSHOW Production: 380