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Our "Beer Cigar" projects are some of our absolute favorite blends ever!

Over the years, we've done Chocolate Porter, Chocolate Stout, Old Ezra's White Ale, Winter Ale, Amber Ale...and now HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS!! (In our opinion...the best beer cigar we've made so far!)

BACKSTORY…This all started because we wanted to make the ULTIMATE beer inspired cigar we could! But, we couldn’t decide on which direction to go…Ale? Lager? Porter? Stout?

So what did we do? Well, in typical “us” fashion…we threw caution and convention to the wind and make a cigar that incorporates all of the best of each beer style that we like!

Hence the name…HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS!

I will tell you...There are some seriously "exotic tobaccos" in this blend. To achieve some of the flavors we wanted in HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS! we had to virtually scour the globe for the most unique and unconventional tobaccos!

The result is utter cigar smoking ecstasy! The flavors are far too many to describe. The balance, richness, and complexity must be experienced to fully understand!

HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS! is a 6x50 toro. Wrapper is an extremely vintage Croillo 98 leaf. Binder and filler tobacco origins will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied, Medium-strength. Tobaccos aged b/n 4-11 years!

1st 3rd: Malt sweetness, toasted hazelnut, caramel, milk chocolate, buttercream, oak barrel, cascade hops, light brown sugar…

2nd 3rd: Vanilla bean, fresh baked bread, dried fruit, dark chocolate, white pepper, cinnamon stick, coffee beans, whiskey…

3rd 3rd: Chocolate frosting, turbinado sugar, black pepper, clove, heavy cream, licorice, Spanish cedar, aged leather

HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS! is outrageously complex and EXTREMELY delicious! You're gonna want to light one up with your favorite beer/ale and watch the magic happen

HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS! will be SOLD OUT extremely fast! Our apologies to those who miss it! You MUST join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-242-4777...that way you'll never miss a new release! 

Take my advice...whatever you were gonna get...triple it and do it quick!

Cheers y'all. 🍻

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Total HOLD MY BEER & WATCH THIS! Production: 625