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Enjoy your private jet to Flavor Country, fam.

The original Permanent Vacation blend was released 4 Long Years Ago...And the feedback we got for it was overwhelming to say the least! 

(Shoot, we even made a Permanent Vacation PETITE VERDOT wine—Now SOLD OUT!— AND it’s our MOST POPULAR Nomad T-Shirt design!)

Everyone (and their mother) absolutely loved it! …So you know we had to make a dark maduro that would be even better than the OG!

PERMANENT VACATION BLACK Ltd. features some phenomenal new experimental tobaccos! This stuff is super-secret...and insanely delicious! Believe're gonna lose your mind when you smoke it!

Bottom Line....The richness and smoothness of this blend is completely euphoric! So creamy. So chocolatey. So "waffle cone-y". So delicious!

I really got nuthin' more to say. When you smoke it, you'll understand.

PERMANENT VACATION BLACK Ltd. was originally scheduled to be a full Ezra Zion release...but we only had enough tobacco to make a micro-batch of 295 cigars!

PERMANENT VACATION BLACK Ltd. Is a 6x50 toro with a broom foot. Wrapper is a dark triple-fermented Oscuro leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied. Medium-strength. All tobaccos aged b/n 8-13 years.

1st 3rd: Hershey's Chocolate Bar, vanilla bean, raw sugar, heavy whipping cream, black peppercorn, bourbon barrel, aged leather, very creamy coffee...

2nd 3rd: Caramel, hot cocoa, toasted macadamia nuts, nutmeg, molasses, buttercream, aged tobacco (yes that's it's own flavor)...

3rd 3rd: Dark chocolate, cinnamon stick, red pepper, waffle cone, Tootsie Roll, black tea, sugar cookies

PERMANENT VACATION BLACK Ltd. is an absolutely incredible smoking experience! The flavor complexity, perfect balance, and pristine construction are nothing short of LEGENDARY!

PERMANENT VACATION BLACK Ltd. will be SOLD OUT extremely fast! Sincerest apologies to those who miss out! Make sure to join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-391-9271...that way you'll never miss a new release!

Getcha Some NOW!

Total PERMANENT VACATION BLACK Ltd. Production: 295