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Some days you just gotta do something freakin' crazy!

I mean really go 100% buck-wild! 

Throw out the rule book...Forget the status quo...Boldly go where no cigar-maker has gone before...and just see what sort of magic will happen!

That's exactly how RAZORBLADE was created! 

This is a SERIOUSLY crazy blend that throws out the "rule-book" on all traditional blending. It cuts it's own path and blazes it's own trail to the flavor Promised Land!

The richness, complexity, and boldness are so outta control and so dang phenomenal...that you just gotta smoke it for yourself to understand!

RAZORBLADE is a 6x52 broom foot toro. Tobaccos are from Nica, (Secret), (Secret), & San Andres.

Full-bodied. Med/full-strength. Tobaccos are all aged b/n 8-11 years.  

(The only problem is that as we kept going down the rabbit hole...we kept introducing rarer and rarer tobaccos to the blend. Like...the kind of stuff you'll never get to smoke again in your life!)

This project was slated to be a full Ezra Zion release but because we loaded this with extremely rare stuff...we only had enough of the tobaccos to make a micro-batch of 320 cigars!

1st 3rd: Sweet tea, caramel, dark chocolate, raw leather, maple syrup, vanilla beans, dark espresso, red oak wood, cinnamon

2nd 3rd: Buttercream, clove, hazelnuts, chocolate cake, cedar wood, Bourbon whiskey, cafe latte, white peppercorn, brown sugar

3rd 3rd: Toffee, candied almonds, Virginia pipe tobacco, cocoa, heavy whipping cream, nutmeg, earth, frosting

My advice...prepare yourself mentally and physically to smoke RAZORBLADE. Get in your favorite chair, pour your favorite drink, and savor every single gorgeous puff of this magnificent cigar! 

RAZORBLADE will be SOLD OUT extremely fast!  Apologies to those who miss it! You gotta join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 31996...that way you'll never miss a new release! 

Getcha Some NOW!

Total RAZORBLADE Production: 320