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Sweep The Leg Sweep The Leg Sweep The Leg

Sweep The Leg

Sweep The Leg



It's 1984.

You're in the finals of the All-Valley Karate Championships.

Final match point. What do you do?

Take it from Cobra Kai...Sweep The Leg. 

Can you tell we grew up in the 80s? (Craving some Mr. T cereal about now.)

Sweep The Leg is 7x48 Churchill. Tobaccos are from Nica, Indo, and Ecuador. Wrapper is an 8-year-aged Corojo Rosado. Binders/Fillers b/n 5-7 years aged.

Full-bodied. Med/Full strength.

1st 3rd: dark leather, black pepper, dark chocolate, espresso beans, walnut, sugar cane, oak barrel, all-spice

2nd 3rd: caramel, candied nuts, white frosting, graham cracker, french vanilla ice cream, cinnamon 

3rd 3rd: hickory, milk chocolate, cabernet wine, black tea, powdered sugar, maple syrup


Complexity=Level 10

Sensei would be proud.

Sweep The Leg Production: 375