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The unsung hero in every ice cream cone is...the cone.

Now, of your native North American cone varieties, the Waffle Cone sits atop the food chain. 

You ever walked into a place cooking up Waffle Cones? That nose-euphoria alone is pure ecstasy. 

We present to you our version of Waffle Cone in cigar form. Enjoy.

Waffle Cone is a 7x52 toro-extra. Tobaccos are from Nica, Ecuador, Connecticut, and Peru. Some are barrel-aged. 

Full-bodied. Med strength. Tobaccos are b/n 4-8 years old.

1st 3rd: Vanilla bean, caramel, cherry wood, white pepper, brown sugar, European butter, clove, white chocolate

2nd 3rd: Espresso beans, heavy whipping cream, white oak, maple syrup, chocolate candy bar, baking spices

3rd 3rd: Chai latte, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream, leather, nutmeg, more cream

2 Scoops for sure.

Total Waffle Cone Production: 325