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You know us. We just can’t go very long without making a dessert-style cigar!

Our sweet tooth can get us in trouble with our waistline, BUT it seems to be the source of some seriously phenomenal blends...Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chicken & Waffles, Root Beer Float, Dark Chocolate Bar. (Just to name a few!) 

BUT...POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. is arguably the best dessert-style cigar so far! (You know we’re obsessed with each blend being better than the last!)

POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. is a blend of extremes! We took the most “candy-like” tobaccos—sweet, creamy, vanilla-y...and blended them with some of the boldest, darkest, and richest tobaccos we have ever smoked! (Think Medio Tiempo ligero)

The result is nothing short of a masterpiece! POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. is absolutely impeccably balanced. And the flavors? ...well those are so complex and deep that you’ll just have to experience them!

It is unbelievably DELECTABLE!  

POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. was originally scheduled to be a full Ezra Zion release...but we only had enough tobaccos to make a micro-batch of 345 cigars!

POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. is a 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is a beautiful Corojo 99 Rosado leaf. Binder and fillers will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied. Med/Full Strength. Tobaccos aged b/n 6-12 years! 

1st 3rd: Powdered sugar, melted butter, black coffee, raw leather, nutmeg, white oak. heavy whipping cream...

2nd 3rd: Brown sugar, vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, toasted almond, clove, chocolate chips, raw cane sugar, graham cracker...

3rd 3rd: White cake frosting, cocoa, black pepper, rum barrel, custard, burnt marshmallows, fresh brewed coffee

POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. is absolutely delicious! The flavors throughout continue to layer and layer over each other. You will literally get up outta your chair after smoking it...and give it a standing ovation!

POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. will be SOLD OUT extremely fast!  Apologies to those who miss it! Make sure to join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-391-9271....that way you'll never miss a new release! 

Believe me, do whatever is humanly possible to get your POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E.! Beg, borrow, crawl over broken glass...just don’t miss this one!

Getcha Some NOW!

Total POWDERED SUGAR DONUT L.E. Production: 345