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RIDE OR DIE Special Edition

RIDE OR DIE Special Edition



We started this project as a tribute to you...

...To show our loyalty and our commitment to our fans...who are the greatest people in the world!

RIDE OR DIE is an expression that's come to mean "having extreme loyalty".

Even when the world gets crazy (as it is right now)...whether it's pandemics, government regulations, or just life being tough....we are with you! RIDE OR DIE! 

RIDE OR DIE Special Edition features some of the rarest (and most expensive) tobaccos we've ever used. (Maybe even the most rare, in fact!)

So, not to get all mushy...but we've made this cigar from the bottom of our hearts! We want you to know that our commitment to you is unwavering and our loyalty is unshakable!

RIDE OR DIE Special Edition is a 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is an oily 9-year-aged Colorado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied. Med/Full-strength. All tobaccos aged b/n 6-13 years.

1st 3rd: Dark chocolate, caramel, chocolate malt, heavy whipping cream, Almond Roca, raw cane sugar, black pepper, white oak...

2nd 3rd: Espreso beans, chocolate chips, cinnamon stick, spiced rum, white pepper, clove, dark brown sugar...

3rd 3rd: Brown sugar, toasted marshmallow, toffee, milk chocolate bar, vanilla bean, whiskey barrel, nutmeg, buttercream

RIDE OR DIE Special Edition is crazy amazing! Just let me warn you not to burn your lips...because you're gonna smoke this baby down to the nub of the nub!

RIDE OR DIE Special Edition will be SOLD OUT really fast! Our sincerest apologies to those who miss it! Make sure you join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-242-4777...that way you'll never miss a new release!

Getcha Some NOW!

Total RIDE OR DIE Special Edition Production: 580