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SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE is cocked, locked, and ready to rock!

Sometimes, we just get crazy, push everything to the max, and throw caution to the wind…

And when we do that...we ALWAYS create the most intriguing and exciting cigars! 

Prepare yourself for SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE!

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE is an intensely delicious blend! Loaded with all the goodies you want in a blend...but with plenty more tricks up it's sleeve!

Put the children to bed…because this cigar is loud, raucous and aggressive! (Definitely a case of “shoot first, ask questions later!”)

(Also—just a piece of advice—Novice smokers may want to pass on this cigar. May be a little too much for them.)

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE  was scheduled to be a full Ezra Zion release...we only had enough to make a micro-batch of 395 cigars!

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE is a 6x52 shaggy toro. Wrapper is a flawless Corojo 99 leaf. (Just look at that picture!) Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied, Med/Full-strength. Tobaccos aged b/n 5-11 years! 

1st 3rd: Dark chocolate, aged leather, dark roast coffee, vanilla bean, light brown sugar, buttercream, black pepper, cedarwood, cashew...

2nd 3rd: Caramel, chocolate candy bar, cinnamon stick, red oak wood, hazelnuts, cloves, mocha latte...

3rd 3rd: Powdered sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, red pepper, marshmallow, heavy cream, maple, nougat, all-spice

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE is completely outstanding! I'm flipping through a thesaurus to find more words to describe it. For once in my life, I'm speechless!'s just that good!

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN DELUXXE will be SOLD OUT really fast! Sincerest apologies to those who miss it! Make sure to join our text notifications by texting "NOMAD" to 817-242-4777...that way you'll never miss a new release!

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